My Rights and Responsibilities

My Rights at the Far South Coast Family Support Service.

1.  To receive service without discrimination.

We won’t judge you. We won’t discriminate against you because of your family structure, gender, sexuality, race, or who you are related to or associated with.

2.  To be treated with respect and dignity.

We treat you as an individual. We respect your culture and beliefs. We listen to you and support you.

3.  To have privacy and confidentiality.

We keep your confidentiality according to our policies and the law.

4.  To be a part of decisions that affect your life.

You set your own priorities. You can ask us questions at any time. You can refuse our services. You can switch workers.

5.  To feel safe while you visit us.

All of our workers follow a code of conduct of how they must behave. This workplace doesn’t accept any form of abuse.

6.  To receive information about other services.

We can tell you about and refer you to other services that can assist you or advocate for you.

7.  To tell us your opinions.

We are looking for opportunities to improve. Your feedback is important to us.

8.  To make a complaint.

You can complain about any aspect of the organisation. You can stay anonymous. To make a complaint, follow the instructions listed below. We deal with your complaint fairly and in accordance with Policy.


My Responsibilities at the Far South Coast Family Support Service.

When using FSCFSS services, we ask you to:

  •  Respect the rights of others.
  •  Come to your appointment on time or tell us as soon as possible if you have to cancel.
  •  Share with us any information that will help us give you the best service.
  •  Accept the results of your decisions about your situation.
  •  Remember that best service means that you are actively willing and able to work with us.


  •  Keep your worker safe.
  •  Be free from drugs or alcohol when we see you.
  •  Keep yourself, others or any property safe.


To Make a Complaint:

1.  Speak with the Service Manager about the complaint. You can make a verbal complaint or a written complaint via letter or Email :

2.  The Service Manager will address the complaint and let you know the outcomes. If you ask to remain anonymous we won’t be able to follow up with you in person.

3.  If you are unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, we will offer you several options of what to do next.

4.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, please contact the: NSW Ombudsman.

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